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2gateway features and functionality

2gateway platform is a fully equipped SMS Messaging business solution, designed for SMS aggregators and Mobile Messaging business newcomers. It is gateway independent, intuitive to use, and doesn't require any additional hardware or software. The platform lets you connect your own SMS gateways by using standard SMPP protocol without any programming skills and run your own vendor relationships. Simultaneously you can use our worldwide SMS gateways for a fair price. With the 2gateway SMS platform, you will be able to run your SMS wholesale business from A-Z. The platform includes detailed message testing, effective routing and pricing options, and a built-in finance system.

Run the entire SMS wholesale business and resell SMS traffic all over the world from a single place with minimal manual work!


Based on the industry-standard, most of your partners will have SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) connections. 2gateway platform allows you to connect your own SMS gateways (vendors), as we are not forcing you to use our connections.

You will run your vendor / SMS aggregator / Mobile Operator relationships yourself. You just need an SMPP server IP address and password from your vendor and you will be able to connect the SMPP gateway to your platform account within minutes without any programming skills. The same easy process allows you to connect with your partners. And you are ready to start live worldwide SMS reselling business.

SMS Filters – to avoid SPAM or illegal traffic flowing through your channels, we have developed a filtering system. It is easy to use, and many filters can be added at once. Select the field that will be filtered (Source Address, Destination Address, Message Text), select the scanning option for this field: equal to, begins with, ends with, or contains specific text or URL.


HLR, MNP, Messaging route quality testing services - you will be able to use our already integrated partners or choose the ones you would like to cooperate with for HLR, MNP, or SMS testing services. For instance, we have integrated "Texter" from CM for SMS gateway quality testing, and we have many HLR and MNP partners already integrated. You will sign your own contract with these service providers and use their services through the 2gateway platform.


Managing routing has always been a challenging task. 2gateway allows you to create and use multiple routing plans simultaneously. For each of your destinations, you can provide a fixed margin, a percentage-based margin, or a manually set margin.

You can create a routing plan for each country, divided by networks, assigning different providers for each network. Splitting percentage on each network or provider can be managed with one click, only by adding % that you assign to the preferred vendor. Another option will help you to avoid unexpected SPAM or Fraudulent traffic flowing over your gateways. By simply adding filters on a specific country you can re-route traffic from your main provider. 


Use different routing plans for different products (Direct, Wholesale, SIM), customers, or vendors to get the best out of your SMS Wholesale or Enterprise messaging business.


More than 10 years of experience have enabled us to develop brilliant automated routing functionality to help you with daily SMS trading.


2gateway has developed an excellent and automated price update functionality. We understand how hard it is to make money with such tiny margins in the SMS trading industry and it is crucial to update prices immediately when there is an increase from a vendor.


We support multiple price update formats, sent to the 2gateway platform via e-mail. We have automated price change for partners when there is an increase from a vendor. When the platform receives a price update from a vendor, the same second the platform updates pricing for all your customers using a particular route. 2gateway minimizes possible scenarios when your vendor increases the price during the night or on weekends and you start suffering losses. There might be hundreds of price updates every day from many vendors you work with, but you do not need to do any manual work, as the system updates tables for your customers automatically.

2gateway pricing functionality includes several monitoring tools, alarming you when something is wrong with price updates – a wrong format received from a vendor, price update coming from different e-mail ID, file name change, etc. - you will be notified within seconds to take necessary steps to ensure your profitable operations.


Real-time monitoring allows you to follow up with different vendors simultaneously. For each of the chosen vendors you can keep track of all necessary activities: Submitted SMS, Delivered SMS, Undelivered SMS, Rejected SMS. Each activity is marked in a different color, so it is easy to track changes. 

2gateway monitoring system helps you to monitor the general success of your operations. You will have all the needed statistics regarding quality, alerts for disconnected products, queues, daily / weekly / monthly profit & cost comparison, etc. 

Simultaneously you can monitor your customers, vendors, quality, statistics, rate per SMS, most active connections, queues, alerts, and many more cross-sections. We have all the different outputs for you if you would like to place information or graphics on monitors or TV sets in your office.


We understand that statistics is crucial for doing this business. Every message received and sent is accounted for. 2gateway platform provides you with multiple options to analyze your business and many statistical tools. Whether your customer is using a web tool or API functionality, you will be able to follow each step of the SMS flow. 

Campaigns: Shows daily scheduled campaigns from your retail customers, as well as the amount of SMS they are planning to send and the updated progress- whether it is scheduled, in progress, done, or canceled.

Vendor Statistics: Each vendor that has received messages from you will be listed, providing accurate statistics of all messages sent to them. Under each vendor you will see countries you are sending to, divided into different categories: SMS Sent, Delivered, Undelivered, Expired, Rejected. 

Client Delivery: Similar to vendor statistics, this section will also show – Sent, Delivered, Undelivered, Expired and Rejected, Pending and Invalid SMS.

We provide many tools for a live analysis of your finances. Income is divided by clients, vendor costs, look-up costs, losses if any. All data is exportable to XLS or CSV files if you want to do any pivots, graphs, or your own way of analysis. 


At the end of the day, it is all about making money. You would spend a lot of time analyzing what are you actually doing while re-selling SMS worldwide. But we provide all the necessary tools for your success. 

1) Income Total:  keeps track of general income that you can check for the current day, yesterday, this month, previous month or any random time frame. It will show all income and will rank each network, based on the biggest gain to the biggest loss. It will also show you the profitability of each network that will help you make strategic business decisions in the future.

2) Client Gain: similar to “Income total”, this subsection will mainly show you income, cost, and profit, but the difference here is that it is provided for each individual client product. Opening specific client products on this section will show you the exact amount of SMS that this client has sent and the profit or loss, made on it. 

3) Vendor costs: keeps track of all vendors that you are using in your platform; it also shows the exact amount of messages you have sent to them and their costs in EUR. You can have an overview of statistics on various time periods: today, yesterday, this month, last month, or even choose any time period that you wish to check. When you have chosen a time period for checking, opening any individual vendor's product in this subsection will allow you to see countries that have been used, networks, amount of messages, the price per SMS, and the total costs. 

4) Lookup costs: your actual costs for HLR or MNP services and through which partner you have made this request. To have a better overview of these costs you can select time periods for “Today”, “Yesterday”, “This Month”, “Last Month” or any random time period.

5) Loss: When the business keeps growing and some of the destinations are blocked for pricing updates, several SMS may go through you causing losses. The goal is to minimize these losses as much as possible, and our “Loss” statistics make it possible. This subsection will keep track of every single SMS that has been sent through you with loss or with zero margins. This feature will show Client, Country, network (MCC/MNC also) Vendor, amount of SMS sent, and the total loss. This will help you clean up some special routing setups and maximize profit on your side by minimizing losses. 

These are just basic tools we provide, we have many more for you in place.


When you start using 2gateway Mobile Messaging platform, we provide you with hosting. All data is distributed between two Telia Sonera data centers in Riga, Latvia, and Copenhagen, Denmark. Our engineers together with Telia data admins are monitoring the system 24/7 and we guarantee 99,99% uptime.


Hosting is included in the monthly fee. Everything is web-based, and you need only a laptop and Internet to start your worldwide Mobile Messaging business. You could do it even from your home or any other place on earth where you have an Internet connection. Forget about taking care of hosting, spending thousands on servers, or renting extremely expensive cloud solutions! 


In order to ensure timely and effective system maintenance, updates, and support, we do not support 2gateway platform installation to your servers.

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