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Case studies

Messaging companies choose 2gateway to power their businesses around the world. We pride ourselves on building a great product and providing a great service. Learn how other companies reinvented their messaging business experience and workflows with 2gateway.

API Mobile Increases operational efficiency while significantly reducing platform costs

API Mobile is an SMS and voice traffic wholesale company created by a team of professionals in the field of telecommunications with extensive experience, ensuring substantial growth of the company, thanks to the agile teamwork and wisely chosen services.

The API Mobile was built from a scratch basing on the team’s expertise in the industry accumulated over more than 15 years. The company kick-started operation using one of the well-known SMPP messaging platform providers mainly due to the previous experience with these systems and their seemingly leading position in the current messaging landscape.

The Problem

The complexity of the day-to-day tasks leading to frustrating entanglements as well as a long list of non-applicable functionality and routing errors caused by a simple lack of the overview of the entire operation drove down operative efficiency dramatically.

API Mobile management was convinced that such platform performance is far away from what a contemporary solution might provide to improve daily operations and induce growth of the company.

The Solution

After a recent discussion with one of their A2P wholesale SMS traffic partners, they found out about the messaging platform solution they use. 2gateway mobile messaging Platform has been developed and used internally by Text2Reach for more than 8 years at that time and has solved the user experience problems API Mobile just described. On top of the ease of use, the platform covers all business aspects from daily monitoring, management of the financial side of the business and invoicing, to a sophisticated yet intuitive routing engine.

The most notable business improvement is the overall platform setup.


While many SMS messaging business solutions solves some part of the business, we found out, that the partnership with 2gateway covers all our requirements for the complete business management, including:

  • Carrier-grade platform hosting which dynamically adapts to the scale of our business;

  • A data backup system is in place to ensure the safety of business-critical data;

  • MNO prefix database is centralized for all 2gateway users, which is a huge advantage saving a lot of work entering the new markets;

  • The platform functionality allows running SMS business in all business aspects, including vendor and client relations management, automatic billing and invoicing, neat monitoring in the real-time mode, as well as comprehensive reports for the management and convenient support of operations.

With the 2gateway platform, we managed to reduce the costs of the messaging business infrastructure, increased the user experience, and shortened the vendor and client support times significantly.

Stefano Antichi,
Managing Director and Founder
API Mobile

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